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The success of a business is usually a result of hard work, personal sacrifice, and commitment. With a number of people including employees, suppliers and customers dependent on its success, it makes sense to do all you can to protect it.

At First Business Solutions we are able to offer protection for your business, including our specialist enhanced machinery insurance cover.

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In addition, we can also arrange cover for:


Your Premises

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Business Interruption

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Public/Employee Liabilities

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Haulage/Motor Fleet

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Goods In Transit

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Contractors Insurance

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Directors’ and officers’ liability

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Cyber Liability

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Protecting your loss of revenue following an insured event, such as fire or theft.

First Business Solutions is an appointed representative of Marsh Ltd. Marsh Commercial is a trading name of Marsh Ltd.

Marsh Commercial is a UK leader in SME insurance broking and risk management, helping clients understand and better manage their risks as well as protecting their assets and people.

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