Providing our community of Mitcham with workshops, groups, and classes for all ages, after school clubs, parent and toddler groups, community events and hall hire. Sherwood Park Hall – £10k from Awards for All for the delivery of clubs for children and young people at the Community Centre to ensure that low income families have…

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The AVIARD vision was founded in 2008 by Amani Simpson. Created using the words AVIATE meaning to fly and HARD meaning not easily broken. They exist to empower young people to elevate their minds for success through Personal Development, Digital Media and Enrichment Opportunities. Aviard Visions – £25k from the Social Enterprise Fund for the…

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S.W.I.M. (Strength With In Me)

S.W.I.M’s approach is designed not solely as a reaction to an existing crisis, but which primarily aims to grasp the issue and take charge of the actions, thoughts, cultures, and beliefs which may make us more vulnerable to being the victims of Domestic Violence. 40 million children in the world are subjected to abuse each…

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